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Android charging cable, matching cable, mobile power supply, Bluetooth charging cable, environmental protection data cable

Sku: 606680133295


  • Brand: Answer color
  • Item No .: 01
  • Interface: USB, Micro USB
  • Length: 0.5m
  • Applicable models: Android phones
  • Number of branch connectors: single head
  • Model: 30cm36 core 2A white, 30cm36 core 2A black, 50cm36 core 2A white, 50cm36 core 2A black, 1 meter 400 mAh white, 1 meter 1A white, 1 meter 1A black, 1 meter 2A white, 1 meter 2A black, 1 Meter 4 core charging data white 2A, 1 meter 4 core charging data black 2A, 1.5 meter white Android charging cable, 1.5 meter black Android charging cable, 20cm white 400 mAh charging cable, 20cm black 400 mAh charging cable, 25cm 20 core 1A White, 25cm20 core 1A black, 50cm20 core 1A white, 50cm20 core 1A black, package transparent PE sealed bag, customized other size specifications Contact customer service, 80cm white Android charging cable
  • Main downstream platforms: wish, Amazon, AliExpress, standalone, LAZADA, ebay
  • Main sales areas: Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, North America
  • There are private brands that can be authorized: Yes
  • Whether cross-border supply: Yes
  • Support customization: support
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