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Amazon's new gaming light-emitting headset

Sku: 542410318388


  • Brand: Taiwan Shield
  • Item No .: T7 / DS-100
  • Model: Summoner
  • Time to market: 2019
  • Source category: Spot
  • Type: Headphone
  • Headset type: headphones
  • Wearing method: head-mounted
  • Headphone output source: PC computer
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Plug type: straight plug type
  • Whether wireless headphones: wired headphones
  • With or without microphone: None
  • Sounding principle: moving coil
  • Wire length: 2 (m)
  • Speaker diameter: 50 (Φmm)
  • Earplug / earmuff material: PU
  • Headphone cable material: 5.0 braided cable
  • Uses: general purpose, ordinary headphones, noise reduction headphones, monitoring headphones, voice headphones, computer headphones, MP3 headphones, music headphones, TV headphones, gaming audio headphones, e-sports headphones
  • Weight: 0.3 (g)
  • Processing method: OEM processing
  • Print LOGO: No
  • Whether to support a generation: support
  • Whether to support agent joining: support
  • After-sales service: Three Guarantees
  • Invoice: no invoice
  • Packing list: bare metal
  • Color: DS-100 earphone-7.1USB light-emitting version-gray-black, DS-100 earphone-7.1USB light-emitting version-black-red, [the latest] DS-100 RGB7.1 single usb light-emitting earphones (black), Taiwan shield V2000 light Earphones (7.1 USB black), Taidun V2000 illuminated headphones (3.5MM USB black), Taidun V2000 single-plug non-illuminated version (3.5MM single-plug version), DS-100 earphone-3.5 illuminated version-gray black, DS-100 Headphone-3.5 luminous version-black red, DS-100 headphones-3.5 non-luminous version-gray black, DS-100 headphones-3.5 non-luminous version-black red, W-750 headphones (non-luminous version black), M2-sword headphones (Non-luminous version-black and red), [the latest] DS-100 RGB7.1 single usb luminous headphones (black and red)
  • Main downstream platforms: ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, standalone, LAZADA
  • Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
  • There are private brands that can be authorized: yes
  • Whether cross-border supply: Yes
  • Support customization: support
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