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adult products factory direct sales processing custom custom fun set alternative toys four-piece retro one generation

Sku: 607820986921


  • Suggested retail price: ¥ 398.00
  • Brand: Good Luck Yunli
  • Whether to import: No
  • Product barcode: 8121000000000
  • Shelf life: long-term
  • Material: Cowhide / Hardware
  • Origin: Dongguan
  • Item No .: YD-8121
  • Color: Vintage
  • Function and use: flirting
  • Brand type: Chinese goods brand
  • Warranty period: long-term
  • Product name: Retro suit
  • Manufacturer: Dongguan Zhanxian Leather Co., Ltd.
  • Body size: 2.5-33
  • Product main material: cowhide / hardware
  • Maximum noise: 0
  • Specifications: Retro Package
  • Main downstream platforms: wish, Amazon, AliExpress, standalone, LAZADA, ebay
  • Main sales areas: Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America
  • There are private brands that can be authorized: Yes
  • Whether cross-border supply: Yes
  • Crowd: adults
  • Age: Adult
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