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2nd generation Bluetooth headset touch in-ear detection 3rd generation renamed positioning wireless Bluetooth headset

Sku: 602720124769


  • Suggested retail price: ?? 199.00
  • Brand: Han Yu
  • Item No .: 001
  • Transmission range: 10 meters
  • Function: battery display, call function, support music
  • Processing customization: No
  • Print LOGO: Yes
  • Bluetooth protocol: 5.0
  • Channel: Stereo
  • How to use: Earplug
  • Whether single or double ear: bilateral stereo
  • Applicable gift-giving occasions: wedding, birthday, holiday, housewarming, trade fair, advertising promotion, employee benefits, anniversary celebration, business gifts, opening ceremony, award commemoration, public relations planning
  • Color: Three-generation Pro white (renamed positioning pop-up window touch three true power wireless charging passive noise reduction), second-generation black i27 top matching (renamed positioning in-ear detection real power wireless charging open cover pop-up window), second-generation white i27 top matching (renamed Positioning in-ear detection true power wireless charging open pop-up window), second-generation white i27 high-match (three true power wireless charging open-cap pop-up window), second-generation white i27 universal (open-window touch control), first-generation white i25 top matching ( In-ear detection Tri-Zone battery open pop-up window), a generation of white i25 high matching (Tri-Zone battery open pop-up window), a generation of white i25 universal (open cover pop-up touch control), i24 pop-up window touch Bluetooth 5.0 white, i23 Window Touch Bluetooth 5.0 White, XY-7 (White), XY-7 (Black), i10-Touch Touch White, i9s Binaural Call Jerry 5.0, i7mini White, i7s True Stereo White
  • Whether cross-border supply: no
  • Support customization: support
  • Headphone type: earbud headphones
  • Wearing method: in-ear
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